Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ford Explorer OHC, Power Dimming Mirror, and Lighted Vanity MIrrors

Definitely my favorite Ford Ranger mod so far.  Overhead Console from a 95-99 Ford Explorer, powered dimming rear view mirror, and lighted vanity mirrors.

Console really looks like it belongs, a bit of a headache on the wiring side, and cutting into the headliner and grinding holes in it for mounting the slotted tabs of the console are not for the weak of heart.

Here are the finished seats.  Went in okay, hardest part was modifying the mounting bracket bolt holes so that I could accommodate the center console which is a shorty one from a Ford Explorer.

I will likely recover the armrest so that it matches the seats better. 
Here are some parts from the new doors, here you see the powered motor to lift the Window.  Not a lot different from the manual one other than this one has a motor, mates up to the same track that is just above the post you see on the right.  That post doesn't really need to come out and can stay in your car if you are swapping parts over.

Door Installation Ford Ranger

Here's the old perfectly good but unpowered door.  The door liner is a lot nicer on the new doors in addition to having power.  Here is a picture of the doors I am gutting the parts from.

You don't have to swing that much over from these doors, I had to swing the lock latch that had the solenoid for the door lock knob, and the powered window motor which just slid into the old track.

I also had to move the new power harness over but everything else mated up.  The only hard parts were the plug for the speaker/sensor/ on the drivers side is way up in the dash, I'm dropping the dash anyway but don't think you could connect it without doing so.  Additionally you have to drill out the rivets that hold the old power door motor and use bolts or rivets again to install.

So far I have only the drivers door swung over.  Tomorrow I'll drop the dash and install the harness and swap the passenger door.  Not sure the harness will work, it's a 2008 and from a 4WD but we'll see.

Manual Window Swap Ford Ranger

Above is harness from a 2008 FX4 Ford Ranger.  I'm going to try and swap this harness into my dash of a 2007 Ford Ranger 2WD Sport model and to get the additional wiring for the power windows and locks. 

I'll likely need to get the GEMs unit programmed once everything is swapped in to make the locks/windows/mirrors to work as these weren't original factory equipment on my truck.

Big thing will be to get the harness in though and hopefully the truck will start, and all the lights, heater, and other electronics will work. 

Bottom picture shows the new door liner, a lot nicer than the very basic manual ones I have with no map pocket or fabric trim.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pressure sensor plate

Above is a pressure sensor plate that had to be fabricated to swap the pressure sensor mat from the original passenger side seat to the new installed eddie bauer explorer one you see above. 

This plate was installed with the sensor pad above it under the springs so that it will turn the airbag on for the passenger side whenever significant weight is on the seat.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ford Explorer Seat Swap in Ford Ranger

Found a great set of Leather Eddie Bauer Limited Ford Explorer seats, working on swapping them over to a 2007 Ford Ranger.  Challenge is the Ford Ranger has an airbag sensor pad that deactivates the passenger airbag when the seatbelt is connected and a weight less than a certain amount is detected.  Need to swap this over to the new seats somehow, and make a few fabrication changes to accomodate the seatbelts which have pre tensioners.